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Website Development & E-Commerce Shopify | Freelance Marketing Experts

Website Development & E-Commerce Shopify | Freelance Marketing Experts

Deciding on the best Kenyan internet marketing agency

A marketing agency can be traditional or internet based in its operation. In Kenya, we have both kinds of agencies but the internet based ones are more popular today. This is as a result of the increasing need to transfer information to all corners of the earth. As such, speed of transfer is required making a digital marketing agency an important tool for today’s business fraternity. Before approaching any marketing agency, there are a number of tips you have to follow that you come-up with the most appropriate digital marketing agency. They include: 

  1. Ask around and about 

It is imperative that before starting your search, get references from other people who have set-up successful businesses through a marketing agency Toronto Web Designer . They will give you the pros and cons of the marketing agency they hired when setting up their business. 

  1. Make an in-depth search for the tools and marketing strategies you require 

Marketing agencies have and use varying tools and strategies in marketing. Make a list of the tools you require. This makes it easy for you to determine the best agency for your business. 

  1. Make a list of agencies you intend to approach 

Visit these marketing agencies one by one making enquiries on the tools and strategies they use. Match the tools with your list and choose the company that best fits into your grid system. A creative agency will most times have the tools and plans required by e-customers. 

  1. Know the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen agency 

Avoid concentrating so much on the weaknesses of the agency. Focus more on their strong key values that are in line with your business. Insist to them what you really want with your company so that they will be able to come up with appropriate designs. 

  1. Be corporative 

Get yourself ready to always be in touch with your agency before and after the initialization of the business. Provide for them what they would require may it be materials, information or finance. Let this be like a joint venture between you and them. It motivates them and at the end of it all, you will be able to rate as the best Kenyan digital marketing agency. 

  1. Have a clear follow-up plan 

It is important to have a plan on how they will be assisting you after beginning the business. If need be have an agreed- upon schedule of visits by their technical departments. This shows them the confidence you bestow on their work. They would not want to break that trust. 

These tips can guarantee the success of your digital marketing business. All the same things do not always work-out as expected. At such times, you will depend on your creative agency because there will be a rapport with them. 

How To Maximize Shopify For Profits

Shopify is the best platform for online entrepreneurs. The content management system (CMS) has user-friendly features that can be used to increase your online sales. This article focuses on how to apply various features offered by Shopify to increase your client base and sales volume.

  • Branding – Clients are attracted by an outstanding store that has appealing features. Shopify offers you various tools that you can customize to create a unique online e-store. These features include various colour schemes, templates and themes. You can create an amazing brand by customizing these features.
  •  Shopping cart – There are various features that support your online shopping cart. These include inbuilt security and dependable payment system. The data that clients offer you is important and must be protected. Shopify has security features that ensure that your client’s information is guarded. With Shopify security features, you don’t anticipate any hacking of your site by hackers and malicious elements. In terms of the payment system, Shopify offers clients various payment alternatives including digital and in-person payments. In fact, Shopify has over 100 payment choices and clients can choose the best option that they’re comfortable with.
  • Store administration features – There are various features that help you administer your store smoothly and provide products according to the needs of clients. With Shopify website experts, you get relevant data about various clients and show them the products that they may require. You can also see the network of your client and strategize on has to attract them to your store too. You can create client account using Shopify features a move that will assist you to target each client with relevant information.
  •  SEO marketing tactics – Content is a very essential aspect of any business operating online. The aim of the business is to attract as many clients as possible. To attain this intention, the business must supply enough and relevant content in the form of blogs and articles. The content must be search engine optimized to enable your business to be visible as a result of excellent ranking. When you want to succeed in your content marketing, you must focus your attention to critical aspects of your content including H1 tags, title, an meta tags. Shopify has features that market your business through the creation of promo codes, gift cards, provision of discount to some clients.
  • Analytics and reports – The enable you to understand how your business is faring online, Shopify has analytic features that offer you information on who visited your online store, how long they stayed there, what they bought and what other products are related to whatever they bought. You can get reports in the form of charts and graphs on how traffic is visiting your store.